Our schools project.

Schools are institutions where vitality and growth are of primary importance, these are words synonymous with our herbs. Primary schools educate kids over periods when rational and logical thought is developed. Much of how things are perceived is formed during these years, needless to say healthy eating habits and inquisitive behaviour should be encouraged at a young age.    

Our school project serves a dual purpose, it provides us with a good logistical location where our clients can purchase and collect our premium products, and serves to enhance the school’s fundraising efforts.

The concept is simple; we shall supply one or more trolleys, we maintain, water, feed and/or replace and revitalize all plants displayed on our trolley. The trolley can be placed close to the main entrance for easy access, and to allow quick and easy payments to a responsible person in the reception area.

We will work with staff/grounds persons to make sure the display is of no added burden to the school, or its operation. The agreement/arrangement can be terminated at any time by either party.

We are only considering primary schools at this stage as these parents spend more time at schools on account of children’s activities.

Herbs will be priced equal to, or below retail prices.

Storage and care overnight/weekends/holidays will be discussed individually.

Please view the next page on trolleys for home use, as our schools projects goes hand in hand with our vision for the private home/user.