Most nurseries use various suppliers to supply all their needs, understandably this gives them a wider choice in products, minimizes operational costs, and allow them to focus on their core business that is selling plants and related products, rather than producing them.

We will enter this market by following the simple strategy of provision a superior product at the lowest possible price with high quality service levels.

Nurseries normally have their own procurement procedures/policies, and we will have to evaluate each potential client individually to evaluate the suitability of conducting business.

As nurseries are usually consumers of high numbers of these items, we will suggest a gradual incorporation into their supply chain, allowing time for them to monitor our products, for us to evaluate all their current needs, and new requirements to offer increased range. It also serves to build a trusting relationship, and allow us time to produce and deliver the best quality products. Our organisation is fairly small, with a strong focus on adaptability when the seasons, markets, clients, and economy requires this. We are however, dealing with organic products, where time and care is required to produce products of a superior nature, and supply programs will need some time to integrate.

We do frequently visit, maintain and restock our stands, and the manner hoe this is done is done informally or as per clients requirements. We do change out plants that do not remain in pristine condition, but we will negotiate these allowances and conditions with the various suppliers individually.

We generally have no formal agreement in place with nurseries, as we are of the belief we should be happy to supply you, and you happy to support our organisations, id either party is not happy for whatever reason, our stands/plants can/will be collected/returned.

Poor care of plants of whilst in the possession of nurseries will not be tolerated, as it damages our brand as much as that of the seller/stockist. Such occurrences should be investigated and corrective action advised/implemented.