Mall Outlets.

We shall approach selected shopping Malls in our area, and evaluate the possibility of making available a few racks and some plants to suitable candidates, or small entrepeneurs. This is to offer our herbs to consumers at convenient locations. We endeavour giving opportunities to any budding entrepreneur, looking for a way to earn them an income.

The fresh herbs will also enhance the appearance of mall spaces, and can be moved about should it be required.

Bottom trays are fitted with a moisture absorbing fabric to eliminate any spillages to floor when kept moist. If some spillage appears, plants are being over watered. 

‘My Garden’ Project

This project is more focussed on vegetables, rather than herbs. It is aimed at empowering the poor to grow their own food. Many modern distribution and farming practices have become a burden on the earth. Products are mostly farmed to produce bulk, and not quality or taste. Chemical and hormonal products are used in most commercial operations to increase yield and control pests. Distribution networks (although very effective) have become complex end energy hungry. Some products are shipped/transported 100’s of kilometres to be washed, preserved and packaged in massive cold storage facilities, form here produce is distributed to various points, sometimes right back to its original location !

Our philosophy is simple; grow it locally, consume it locally. We want to establish a few outlets that will provide a continual stream of seedlings and basic farming equipment to communities in townships. Locations will be within walking distance of highly populated areas, to minimize the expenses incurred in the production of food. Special items can be procured from us, and we will deliver them to the distribution point when they become available.

Very few dwellings in townships and lower income areas are uninhabited in the day, and farming a patch of land can become the responsibility of the persons on the premises when others are working.

We will design simple, labour and water wise systems that will be easy to erect, maintain and use.