Culinary Service

This concept excites us tremendously; we shall provide a trolley/s that can be placed within, or beyond the eyesight of the patron. Fresh herbs can then be used straight off the plant, ensuring the freshest taste possible.

Consider the following;

  • The freshest possible herbs will always be on hand.
  • Savings in time and costs sourcing fresh ingredients from local grocers or markets.
  • Guaranteed stock throughout the year, now those signature dishes can be delivered time and time again.
  • A Chef coming out of the kitchen, harvesting herbs in front of patrons and using them in palatable dishes will certainly add value to any restaurant. It provides interaction between the kitchen and the patron, something not easily achieved in a regular establishment. It also shows patrons only the freshest and healthiest ingredients are used in meal preparation.  

  • The herb trolley could be incorporated into a super-fresh salad bar, where salads are not dished up by the patrons, but actually created by them. The herb trolley can become a point of interaction between restaurant staff and patrons, allowing for a more personal dining experience, and a likeliness of return to learn and experiment more with fresh herb tastes. 

  • It goes without saying that herbs not utilized in the manner above, will be used in dishes prepared in the kitchen.

  • Less waste of freshly bought herbs in food preparation, as only quantities required can be harvested.
  • It would add a new dimension to salad- or vegan courses/dishes.
  • Restaurant consumption will be monitored by us, and we will ensure herbs relevant to the chef’s preference, (or restaurant’s theme) will be provided, the trolley will eventually consist of only herbs used by the kitchen, and in the correct quantities.

  • If required, we shall maintain plants, and at the same time supply and deliver new plants to replace ones used.

  • We endeavour to assist the restaurant owner in supplying them with all culinary herbs they require, and will source, germinate and deliver any items not in our inventory.

  • Patrons can be educated on fresh herbs by using simple tasting methods, pasta, olive oil, and basil taste worlds apart when dried vs fresh are used.

  • With a bit of education on chilly types and the fruit itself, patrons can experiment to achieve the perfect fresh chilly taste for every type of meal.      

  • Patrons can buy herbs off the trolley and experiment with tastes they prefer, a plant can even be given as a gift to a patron that is very impressed with a taste experience.

  • All products are organically grown, we welcome customers to visit our smallholding and see how we grow.

  • Trolleys are on castor wheels and moved very easily, trolleys can be used with much success to regulate pedestrian traffic, provide a focal point, or even to prevent unwanted through fare in public dining areas. It can be moved to any location to suit the event or ambiance.