25% (or minimum R5 per plant) of all takings are donated to the school.

The trolleys are on castor wheels and can easily be moved if/when required.

All our herbs enjoy sun and rain, and outside displays are perfectly fine.

Parents can browse around while waiting for kids.

Exposure to our display could spark or prolong interest in biology, farming, a natural healthy lifestyle, or serve as a family/kid’s project.

When displayed correctly, beautiful plants enhances the appearance of any communal space

Herbs are good for us with healing properties!  

Herb Trolley for home/family use.

A trolley can be bought from us and used in private homes, whether food is prepared by a chef, or the family themselves, it will enhance the health and lifestyle in any home.

Herbs can be planted in the garden if the family so choses, or maintained on the trolley. ‘Farming’ in a location close to point of use, and standing up rather that squatting, is so much easier, and encourages care and usage of fresh herbs. It is critical that access to these plants be easy and quick, as a few meters can be the difference between a valuable addition to the household, or a forgotten white elephant.

Plants can easily be moved into the kitchen, used as required, and replaced again on the trolley. This also eliminates waste when one harvest more than required on account of not visiting your herb garden a second time when preparing a meal.

With the addition of grow lights and a pan the trolley can easily be converted to an indoor fixture.

Great exposure for kids to culinary experiences, healthy living, biological growth processes, farming practices, even a little ‘Engineering project’ by converting it to an indoor unit with automatic watering, LED grow lights, solar/12 volt power feeds, and lighting features. One will be surprised how much time can be spent on such a trolley, its contents, and reading up on all facets that surround such a theme. Once interested, this hobby can consume some serious PlayStation hours. Experimentation with different types of plant foods and or watering cycles can become very interesting, as one now have plants of similar size and type in a controlled environment for comparisons.

One’s own unit can be adapted or modified to include vegetables often used in salads, such as lettuce, tomatoes and onion. Planting or replacing plants/seeds in a recurring manner, will ensure the freshest salad ingredients being on hand all the time. It will take quite some time in finding the perfect plan and manner of using your trolley, but getting there is great fun.

Super fresh food is the ultimate taste experience.

Impress your guests with fresh salads, herbs in stews and stir fries, or a couple of Rosemary twigs chucked in the fire to enhance the taste of the chops. A leg of lamb prepared in an oven on a bed of rosemary not only looks brilliant, but tastes exceptional, and lifts the meat and vegetable out of excessive fats at the bottom of the casserole pan.