About Us

Modern society has embarked on a host of ways that makes life easier, but not necessarily healthier for us, or the environment. Luckily the human race is starting to realize its mistakes, and we are slowly making progress in rectifying the damage we have made.  Proof of this is the ever increasing industries of green energy, organic living, eco-friendly practices and lifestyles, and important international climate conferences.

Or family have accepted the challenge of going ‘carbon neutral’, and doing so while remaining economically empowered, we decided to use minimal additional resources, and rather develop what we already have, rather that using new resources to sustain ourselves. During this journey, we will prove that a family can easily sustain themselves on a 2 ha property. We deem it important to have a comfortable home, reliable transport, enough cash to go on holiday often, give our kids proper schooling, and of course, save some for a rainy day. In short, to live a comfortable lifestyle, outside the rat race, that is carbon neutral.

Simple philosophy’s applies, namely;

  • Produce as much as possible of what one needs.
  • Use minimum resources (water, electricity and fossil fuels in particular),
  • Run operations using resources in direct vicinity.
  • Distribute produce to consumers in the direct vicinity.
  • Synchronize all activities with natural cycles and conditions in our area.
  • Keep things as simple as possible, and use DIY equipment and systems.
  • We aim to use simple, eco-friendly and effective systems for the irrigation, germination and growing disciplines

Please support us in our quest to become a sustainable family- and family business that will hopefully serve to lure a few into the wonderful world of self-sufficiency and carbon neutral living.